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Arizona Medical Plans
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Sierra Vista, AZ
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6740907 (Cheryl) and 6739100 (Ray)
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Health Insurance can be complicated; that is why we dedicate our years of experience and education to helping our clients. 
Cheryl Curell and Ray Borst are not just seasoned insurance agents serving Cochise County and the city of Sierra Vista in Arizona; they are community pillars dedicated to helping their neighbors find the best insurance policies. As Arizona natives, they understand the unique needs and challenges of their communities, providing personalized service that is as warm as the Arizona sun. Their advanced industry designations, coupled with their bachelor's degrees in business, confer on them the expertise necessary to guide clients through the often complex world of insurance.
Arizona Medical Plans: A Reliable Insurance Agency
Arizona Medical Plans, run by Cheryl Currell and Ray Borst, is a highly reputable insurance agency committed to providing comprehensive health insurance solutions to individuals and families across Arizona. With a keen focus on customer-centric service, Cheryl and Ray leverage their extensive knowledge of the insurance industry to help their clients navigate the complex landscape of health insurance plans, including Medicare and ancillary products.

Their empathetic approach, coupled with their dedication to educating clients about various insurance options, sets them apart. They are known for their ability to simplify complicated insurance processes, making it easier for their clients to make informed decisions. Their agency, Arizona Medical Plans, is a testament to their commitment to excellence in the insurance industry.
Local Roots, Global Expertise

Cheryl and Ray's local roots give them a deep understanding of the community they serve. They know firsthand the health issues, local business risks, and lifestyle peculiarities that influence insurance needs in the county. This grassroots knowledge, combined with their global expertise in financial planning and insurance, makes them the go-to agents when it comes to securing the most suitable insurance policies.

Cochise County, nestled in southeastern Arizona, is home to a rich history of cowboy lore and stunning landscapes like the Chiricahua National Monument. This unique locale presents distinct insurance needs. Sierra Vista, as the hub of Cochise County, embodies these needs. With diverse demographics and a robust blend of industries, it demands insurance solutions tailored to its intricate community tapestry. Navigating this complex landscape requires seasoned advisors, such as Cheryl Curell and Ray Borst, equipped with deep local knowledge and a commitment to understanding each unique insurance requirement.
Advanced Industry Designations

Both Cheryl and Ray have put in extensive effort to further their knowledge in the insurance industry. Their commitment to professional development is evident in the advanced industry designations they have earned. Each holds the Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), and Chartered Advisor for Senior Living (CASL) designations. These designations indicate their proficiency in various aspects of insurance and financial planning, from life insurance to retirement planning.
A Culture of Personalized Service

Cheryl and Ray have built their practice around the philosophy of personalized service. They believe that every client's needs are unique, and as such, every insurance solution they provide must be tailor-made. Whether it’s a life insurance policy, a business insurance plan, or a retirement savings scheme, they take the time to understand the client's situation, goals, and concerns before recommending a policy.
Their Dedication to the Community

Their dedication to the community of Cochise County goes beyond their professional services. They actively participate in community activities, extending their support to local causes and organizations. They understand that a healthy and prosperous community is a safer one, and that benefits everyone, including their business.
Facilitating Informed Decisions

One of the key ways Cheryl and Ray contribute to their community is by helping their clients make informed insurance decisions. They believe that knowledge is power, especially when it comes to insurance. Therefore, they take the time to explain the different insurance options available to their clients, the implications of each choice, and guide them toward the most beneficial decision.
Cheryl and Ray - More than Insurance Agents

In sum, Cheryl Curell and Ray Borst are more than just insurance agents. They are community pillars dedicated to serving their neighbors in Cochise County and Sierra Vista. Their deep local roots, combined with their extensive insurance knowledge and commitment to personalized service, make them invaluable assets to their community. Their work goes beyond providing insurance; they seek to educate, empower, and improve their community, one policy at a time.


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